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I have done live chat multiple times in the past few days, and have been so pleased with the service. Website management is a bit more than I imagined, but what I love about Hostcheap is that someone is always at the ready to help me.

Scott H.

You made the experience of setting up hosting VERY user-friendly. I’m tech-inept, and when I did this through another hosting service four years ago, the process was much more confusing and frustrating, and took me a long time. This was so easy, and so quick! Kudos to you and to Bobby for great customer service.

Avinash B.

I want to let you know that Harry J. was a tremendous help to me today. As every end user will tell you, “I thought I knew what I was doing”, only to discover that I did not know- after the fact-of course. He assisted me in moving my installation to the top level instead of the sub directory that I originally installed to. In the process of trying to fix this myself I mucked up a few important files. And now everything is fixed and I couldn’t be more grateful for Harry’s help.

Bonnie V.